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Specialty Products of Sankyo-Yuka
High-Pressure, High-Temperature Hydro-treated Naphthenic Base-Oil ; SNH series
Main Products
SNH 3, SNH 8, SNH 46, SNH 220, SNH 540

The world became to pay more attention on the safety of Base-oil since OSHA Hazard Communication (1985) and EU PCA standard (1995).
In order to avoid the Carcinogenic Risk of Base-oil, High-pressure, High-temperature Hydro-treating is proved to be the best. Especially in case of Naphthenic Base-oil, all of European and American Refineries have changed their refining process to High-pressure, High-temperature Hydro-treating.
No more Solvent Refining unaccompanied by Hydro-finishing and no more Acid /Clay treatment.

Hydro-treating Process differs so much depending upon the purpose.
Our Hydro-treating Process, which was selected after many years of research and tests for finding Optimal Pressure, Optimal Temperature, LHSV, Catalyst etc., enable us to break hazardous PCA selectively and to preserve CN and non-hazardous CA of 1 and 2 aromatic rings.
As a result, we can supply SNH series Naphthenic Base-oil which is not losing very good Naphthenic characteristics (solubility etc.), and SNH series pass both OSHA and PCA standard at the same time.

Our Vacuum Distillation Plant has also special know-how to neutralize Naphthenic Acid during the distillation process so that we can have non-acidulous base-oil feed which goes to Hydro-treating plant. If you feed Acidulous base oil to Hydro-treating plant, catalyst life will become extremely short due to Acid Damage.

Remarkable Applications of SNH series
(1) SNH series will in many fields, replace the high-grade MVI(Medium Viscosity Index), which is severely Furfural Extracted, in spite of the former belief of MVI's advantages.
  • Refrigerating oils
  • Process oils for Rubber and Plastics

(2) SNH series will omit the Acid/Clay finishing process for many applications.
  • Transformer oils and other Insulating oils

(3) SNH series are really recommended for those applications which deeply cares "Safety of workers and consumers" and "Environmental cleanness"
  • Ink oil (Printing Ink carrier)
  • Base material for Grease
  • Base-oils for Metal working fluid (Cutting oil, Deformation processing oil etc.)
  • Insecticide/Agricultual-chemical spraying emulsion)
  • Process oils for Rubber and Plastics
  • Process oils for Binding Agents and Adhesive tapes
  • Additive for asphlt

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